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LAYERED JIGSAW PUZZLES are unique custom puzzles for kids designed by Artisan Ceal Pedersen. The layers offer a new type of challenge for any puzzle lover. Contact Us to customize your order for one-of-a-kind children's puzzles designs.

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Three Layered Jigsaw Puzzle - click to enlarge

Unique Layered Puzzles for Children

7 Layered Puzzle for Children

7 Layered Puzzle for Children
A craft show favorite, our Custom Design layered JIGSAW puzzles are unique and very challenging for children over the age of twelve. The puzzle is cut in multiple layers, with no color to suggest which layer a particular piece goes back into, and no hint if a piece is 'right side up'. They are more difficult than the number of pieces might suggest. The number of layers and shapes vary depending on the design. Pricing also varies depending on the complexity of the design.

Example: A layered puzzle design may have 8 layers and 250 pieces at a cost of $64 plus shipping and handling.

Please Contact Us to discuss options.
Allow 2 weeks delivery.

Layered Noahs Ark Jigsaw Puzzle - click to enlarge

Layered Jigsaw Puzzle - click to enlarge
A unique layered puzzle custom designed, created and totally handcrafted by artisan Ceal Pedersen. The top layer represents the area outside of the Ark, with Noah, his wife and assorted animals. The next 2 layers illustrate the interior floors of the Ark with a variety of 104 animals resting together. Each layer is cut individually into separate JIGSAW pieces, with the shape of the Ark carefully cut out to form the frame for the layers.

Size - 10" x 7 x 1"

Available in 36, 48 or 60 JIGSAW pieces

Priced at $28 + shipping & handling.

Number of Pieces: