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Custom Name Puzzles - Photo Puzzles or Snapshot Puzzles

Delight young children with fun and wonderful Custom Name puzzle or Photo / Snapshot jigsaw puzzle. Children are thrilled to have their own name or picture designed as a photo puzzle. What better way than to see a Child's face light up when they recognize themselves on the face of a photo jigsaw puzzle.

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Name Puzzles for Children

Custom Name Puzzles - Selection Choices

Primary Colors offered in our Custom Name Puzzles. Available as TRAIN ENGINE or NOAH'S ARK Design Pastel Colors offered in FLOWERS Design.

Teach your child how to spell their name with our custom designed NAME puzzle.  We offer both bright primary or pastel colored letters in any name choice.  Compliment the puzzle by choosing a NOAH'S ARK or TRAIN ENGINE design (both in primary colors) at the end of the name; only the FLOWERS design is available to compliment the pastel color layout.

Name puzzles recommended for kids 1 1/2 to 3 years of age.

Puzzle Size - Each Letter is 4 1/2" tall; the TRAY that holds the letters is 5 1/2" tall; and the length varies depending on the number of letters involved.

Custom Puzzles with Names Priced According to Number of Letters:

3-4 letters - $14 (plus shipping & handling)

Name Puzzle Choice:

Enter Name 3-4 Letters

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5-6 letters - $21 (plus shipping & handling)

Name Puzzle Choice:

Enter Name 5-6 Letters

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7-8 letters - $28 (plus shipping & handling)

Name Puzzle Choice:

Enter Name 7-8 Letters

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9-10 letters - $35 (plus shipping & handling)

Name Puzzle Choice:

Enter Name 9-10 Letters

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11-12 letters - $42 (plus shipping & handling)

Name Puzzle Choice:

Enter Name 11-12 Letters

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(allow 2 weeks for delivery)

Names with 13+ letters must be special ordered and will be priced accordingly. Click Here for Special Ordering Information

Custom Photo Puzzles

Custom Puzzles from Photographs
Custom Puzzles with photos

Guideline for # of pieces

  • 3 yrs - 20, 30, 36
  • 4 yrs - 42, 56
  • 5 yrs - 56,63
  • 6 yrs - 63, 72
  • 7+ yrs - 72, 100

Children LOVE Custom Snapshot or Puzzles made from their pictures! The best gift for any occasion.  Just e-mail your photo to us or send it via US Postal mail using a 4x6 hard copy of your favorite Snapshot and we will transform it into an adorable 10 x 12 photo puzzle.

To order Custom Photos or snapshot puzzles on-line, simply click on the email photo link below to attach your photo; then choose the number of pieces you need, and 'add to cart' and pay through our secure PayPal shopping cart.  If you want to order on-line, but prefer to send the picture by US Mail, click on the email photo link below and tell us that you ordered on-line but will send the picture via mail.

To order Custom Photo Puzzles via US Mail, simply mail your picture along with a check or money order. Please note that we will not process the order until payment is received. In order to have the best quality photo puzzle, the picture you email must use the following format: Please name the picture as your first and last name using JPEG (.jpg) format (example JaneDoe.jpg). The picture resolution should be at least 150dpi (we prefer 300dpi if possible). Because email sometimes restricts attachment sizes, please make sure the picture size is not greater than 5mb. Remember busy, colorful photos make for a more interesting puzzle design.

Pricing for Custom Snapshot Puzzles

Photo / Snapshot Puzzles Up To 73 Pieces - $25 (plus shipping & handling)

Number of Pieces:

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Photo / Snapshot Puzzles 100 Piece - $27 (plus shipping & handling)

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Click Here to email pictures for your snapshot puzzles

To Order Custom Design Puzzles
 send us a note using 'snail mail',
e-mail, or simply pick-up the phone and call us.

E-mail - heirpuzzle@aol.com
Phone - 352-751-3273
Snail Mail - Heirloom Puzzles - 2428 Tamarindo Dr. - The Villages, FL 32162

Shipping & Handling costs are separate.
 We only accept on-line orders within North America.
Orders outside of North American will only be taken by phone.
Additional shipping charges may apply.

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