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Wooden Puzzles for Children - How to Choose

Handcrafted Educational Tools are excellent choices in wooden jigsaw puzzles for children. Puzzles used as educational tools are an old and interesting way to challenge the mind. Stimulating and educational, age appropriate children's wooden jigsaw puzzles encourage the development of problem solving, coordination and recognition skills, spatial relationships, patience and perseverance.

The earlier a child can be introduced to puzzles, the earlier these skills can begin to increase and benefit other areas of development.

It is critical to match a child's skill level with a given puzzle. If the puzzle is:

  • Too easy - a child will lose interest.
  • Too difficult - a child will turn away or not be successful.
  • Just right - a child will gain the self esteem and confidence that comes with success.

There are several important points to consider when choosing appropriate wooden puzzles for children:


Tray puzzles are the traditional flat puzzles with a bottom and a 'frame' in which the pieces fit.Wooden Puzzles - Jigsaw Tray PuzzleThese are designed for younger children aged 15 months to 3 1/2 years. They usually have 5 - 12 large chunky pieces and a simple, easy to see, design. The different figures, or sections, in the design are cut as separate pieces.

Wooden Jigsaw puzzles are cut into irregular  shapes with 'interlocking' knobs and sockets. Boxed Wooden Puzzles for ChildrenThe design is completely cut apart, but in a somewhat symmetrical pattern. The design is more difficult to visualize by young children and has to be pieced together by matching color and/or shape.


Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles can be very SIMPLE, with just several pieces clearly depicted in separate colors, or can be more COMPLEX with a busy composition and all in similar colors. Or layers!

Examples of SIMPLE wooden jigsaw puzzle designs recommended for kids 15 months to 3 1/2 years:

Noah's Ark Click to enlarge Noah's Ark Jigsaw Puzzle Princess Click to enlarge Princess on a Unicorn Puzzle
Farm Click to enlarge Wooden Farm Puzzle Train Engine Click to enlarge Wooden Train Engine Puzzle
Clown Doll Click to enlarge Wooden Clown Puzzle Boxed Beginners Click to enlarge Critter Puzzle
Knobbed Beginners Click to enlarge Vehicle Knobbed Puzzle

Examples of COMPLEX wooden puzzles for children recommended for ages 3 and older:

Dinosaurs Click to enlarge Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle Construction Crew Click to enlarge Wooden Construction Crew Puzzle
Butterflies Click to enlarge Wooden Butterfly Puzzle Flower Fairies Click to enlarge Wooden Flower Fairies Puzzle
3-layer Noah's Ark Click to enlarge Wooden Noah's Ark Layered Puzzle


To keep it very simple  for the youngest child, start with 4 large pieces for age 15 months gradually working with more pieces as the months go on. Repetition at this age is important. By 24 months, introduce a tray puzzle with 7 - 12 pieces. At 3 years, most children are ready to try a simple jigsaw puzzle, starting with 16 pieces.

Age Guidelines
3 - 4 Years 16 - 36 Pieces
4 - 5 Years 36 - 56 Pieces
5 - 6 Years 56 - 63 Pieces
6 - 7 Years 63 - 72 Pieces
7 - 8 Years 72+ Pieces Pieces

Our "Standard" number of hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces: 16, 20, 30, 36, 42, 56, 63, 72, 81, and 99.

Please note: Children vary considerably in their ability to do puzzles at different ages. The chart above is only meant as a guideline.

Children's Puzzles are their own reward when successfully completed,  and beg to be done over and over. Choose carefully!!


Should you have any question about choosing designs, number of pieces, custom designing puzzles, etc., send us a note using 'snail mail', e-mail, or simply pick-up the phone and call us.

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